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The end of a relationship



Once upon a time, you and your BAE were crazy in love with each other. It's more that the crazy, intoxicating, can't-get-enough portion of the love affair seems to be coming to a close. Maybe you're fighting a lot, or maybe you're not fighting at all. Enr the case may be, you still know something is wrong.

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Do you still feel like you're at square one? In other words, we begin to think of a romantic partner as a part of ourselves—confusing our traits with their traits, our memories with their memories, and our identity with their identity.

o There are times when this rut really does feel like it might be the end, but you want to be able to say you tried your best to make sure it doesn't come to that. Is it tough to break up with someone who you still feel a lot of love towards?

The end of a relationship

research has illustrated the importance of storytelling in other realms—for example, recovering alcoholics who told redemptive stories in which they learned something from their suffering were more likely to maintain sobriety than people who told stories without this theme. Pain lingered from rejections that had occurred even years before.

OK, so lets say you've done the talking AND you've put in the work. Dardashti highlights this point: A lot of the times we want people to read our minds and just know what we need, either sexually or emotionally. The thing is, you don't want this "something" to result in the end of your relationship altogether. That's when you have to start putting in wnd work.


While breaking up with someone you're still in relationsbip with is so tough, there are times when it's necessary: as powerful as the feeling of love is, on its own, it's not enough to sustain a healthy, happy relationship. Pushing them in a different direction might only end up annoying them and pushing them further away from you. This is when you can begin to know you are healed, and can begin dating again in a healthy way.

In one studyafter reflecting on a breakup, people used fewer unique words to describe themselves when writing a short self-description. The stories we tell ourselves about rejection, in other words, can shape how, and how well, we cope with it. We need to talk about what we need and talk about what feels good. Maybe you're fighting a lot, or maybe you're not fighting relatilnship all.

P.S. I Love You

Allow yourself to cry and get it out. People who agreed that the rejection made them question who they really were also reported more often that they were still upset when they thought about the person who had rejected them. Put in the work. Dardashti, we often find ourselves od a relationship rut "when one person is evolving and the other person isn't. Believing in the potential for change, however, might meant that the discovery of a negative quality instead prompts personal growth.

Communication was a recurrent theme: People described how if rejection had helped them understand the importance of clear expectations, how to identify differences in goals, and how to express what they wanted out of a relationship. Dardashti explains, It's a matter of will. There may be moments of anger : take time to yell, dance it out, paint, journal, run, create a fiery playlist [and just] do whatever you need to do to release this. But what makes people more likely to do one or the other?

A healthy behavior can become an unhealthy one, though, when people take it too far and begin to question their own basic worth.

1. You're always annoyed at your partner.

If your partner is the latter, it might be time to cut the cord, even if you love them. Dani MoyePh. Remember it all comes down to one thing. When rejection is intimately linked to self-concept, people are also more likely to experience a fear of it.

But the loss of a partner can make it easy to fall into the self-deprecation trap. Of course, but if you know the relationship isn't going to work long-termit's better for both of you in the long run to go your separate ways. But what if the lies are bigger?

The end of a relationship

Whatever the case may be, you still know something is wrong. Opt for therapy if needed. Understanding your part in the patterns is what is going to make you more successful next time. Narratives that explained pivotal decisions including getting married or divorced, and changing jobs thee moving toward a desired future, rather than escaping an undesirable past, were associated with higher enx satisfaction. Niloo Dardashtia psychologist and relationship expert in New York City, to see how to keep your rut from turning into a breakup.

How to End a Relationship the Right Way

rnd Resentment and anger, she explains, can be the "biggest fire extinguisher when it comes to eroticism. In our research, people reported the most prolonged distress after a romantic rejection when it caused their self-image to change for the worse. A person might think: I was bad at communicating en the relationship; I guess I just can't open up to people. Single people also have a lot more time to develop their platonic social network, grow professionally, and even do their own personal growth work while not being distracted by the concerns of a partner.

The Difference Between A Rut And The End Of A Relationship

Do you feel like the rut is over? Here are seven examples of totally valid reasons to end a relationshipeven if you still love your partner. Maybe all the talking and the work made you guys more in sync than ever, and your partner is willing q do whatever it takes to get on the same as you. These beliefs impact how people respond to setbacks.

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