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Sex positions to spice it up

Sex positions to spice it up
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That feels amazing. But after a while, that feeling can wane.

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That feels amazing. From here, you can either remain sitting upright or lean forward, while being penetrated. You might've heard this phenomenon called "duty sex" or "maintenance sex.

Sex positions to spice it up Searching Man

So you're killing a few birds with one stone and you're looking good while doing it. Why it could ignite your relationship: Well, look at it.

According to Marie Claire, this side by side sex psoitions is perfect for reaching around to fondle your partner while they're thrusting in and out of you. Raise your legs and drape them over your partner's shoulders so your knees are on either side of your partner's head, and prepare for the glory of thrusting. I did that once — don't tell anyone.


You'll be extra satisfied with a simple bend of your body. You can't keep your hands off each other. The best way to do that is through a little bit of role play and, perhaps, some light BDSM. But if your partner's getting a little handsy with you in the kitchen or in the shower, why not jump on board right where you are? There are plenty of maintenance sex positions that'll spice up your relationshipand take your so-called maintenance sex to the next level.

However, it's important to remember that anal is not something you can decide to do in the heat of the moment.

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Is that a me thing? According to Women's Health, this is a great position for when you're just getting revved up, because it helps you control the pace and the intensity of the thrusts. And even though it might not start out as a super wpice rendezvous, with the addition of some xex these positions your maintenance sex has the possibility of becoming a little less maintenance, and a lot more mind blowing.

Women's Health called this the Reverse Scoop, and recommended intertwining your legs together while pressing your bodies together. From here, you can sort of grind against their mouth as they stimulate your clitoris and other fun parts with their tongue. Actually, the more you roll back, dpice deeper the penetration. Once one partner is seated, the other partner is to get all in there with their face and stimulate, stimulate, stimulate orally.

After six months, your brain begins to stray a bit. Once you feel totally comfortable with each other's positiions — which usually happens around the three-month mark — move your hookup from the bedroom to the bathroom. I know posiitons women aren't down with 69, especially if there's a big height difference, but since it's a position that I'm pretty sure isn't done all that often, it's going to ignite the eff out of your relationship.

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The friction that you can create simply by squeezing your legs together can be majorly beneficial for both you and your partner. That will put you at great risk for infection, and that is definitely not a one-year anniversary present that you want or deserve.

Why it could ignite your relationship: When you get into the reverse cowgirl position, you're giving your partner a great view. So if you're sitting around t your partner wondering how you can ignite some crazy level of fire in bed, like the fire you knew back in the day, here are nine positions that just might be able to do that.

But eex a while, that feeling can wane. Additionally, a nice thing to do to celebrate an engagement would probably be 69ing. Although there's no guarantee that your relationship will suffer if your sex life suffers, but since having a healthy sex life does help your relationship in general, you definitely want to do what you can to make sure things are spicy in the bedroom. Plus, hp I mention that guys look really hot soaking wet?

But even the healthiest relationships can eventually feel a bit stale.

If sex feels a bit lackluster, try these 10 different sex positions to spice it up tonight. Surprise your partner and yourself with a fun new position.

sfx If you haven't had doggy in awhile and your relationship needs some fire, then look no further than doggy style. A little leg lift, and a lot of payoff. And sooner or later, this includes getting yourself in the mood for your partner. Then, when you're comfortable, arch your back.

These 15 hot, off-the-wall positions will make for the ultimate night—or day.

You have agreed to be his wife and to spend the rest of your lives together! Get on your hands and knees just the way you would for traditional doggy style, but rather than keeping your torso lifted up with your arms, rest your head and arms on the bed. Not because you're feeling particularly sexy or because it was on your positons, but because your partner positionz to have sex.

Keep role playing and engaging in reciprocal oral sex. This means you have to be comfortable having a few slip-ups along the way. This position can be done anywhere: in bed, on the floor, and, if you want to get really adventurous with it, the back seat of a car.

Intimacy le to better sex. It's also easier for women to achieve orgasm when they're on top, due to the clitoral stimulation achieved from all the friction. But there's a good chance that in order for your relationship to succeed, you and your partner will both have to make some compromises. Let me know in the comments.

Why it could ignite your relationship: Honestly, it's just a hot position — your legs are thrown back, your partner is in control, and you can easily stimulate your clitoris with your hand or a small toy, while feeling that intensely deep sensation of penetration. Double whammy. When you've been together for awhile, you may find that you need to make things a bit more interesting in the bedroom.

Hop in the shower while he's getting ready for work and surprise him with a quickie.

There is a lot you can do with that bathtub in your bathroom.

It's pretty effortless for your partner in this position, so it's sure to please and get the job done. Your desires won't always align with your partners, and neither will your libido. It requires a bit of prep, like using the restroom or an enema first, using lots of lube, and going veryyyyy slowly. Why it could ignite your relationship: Doggy style is one of the most animalistic sex positions out there — which may be why it's a favorite.

Rather than straddling his torso, which is kind of the norm when you're on top, slide your legs down so that they're stradding his thighs.

THE Pretzel-dip sex position it the hot and steamy move that promises to hit the spot time and time again, and it's so good you'll both the satisfied every time.

Sex toys add just spive to get you both off, but also give you the chance to focus on other things. You can also try this on the stairs, on the sofa, or even on the edge of the tub if you're feeling a little adventurous.

I don't mean that you want to give up, but keeping things fresh and exciting, especially in the bedroom, requires just as much effort as the relationship — if not more so.

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