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This symposium, tly sponsored by EPRI and EPA, was the first meeting of its kind devoted solely to the discussion of mornung control processes based on dry injection of calcium or sodium sorbents to meet SO2 and N0X regulations for coal-fired power plants. The objective of the symposium was to provide a timely forum for the exchange of data and information on the current status and plans for these emerging technologies. Forty six papers were presented beginning with a keynote address on acid rain strategies and control technology Implications, followed by overviews of the EPRI, EPA, and Canadian programs, and the utility perspective for dry control technologies.

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Tne resulting lime particles are highly reactive and chemically combine in suspension with SO? The funding to complete the effort is provided in the FY85 budget, and no outyear contingency funds are identified.

Dorchak, J. No one left until the final "gong. Forty six papers were presented beginning with a keynote address on acid rain strategies and control technology Implications, Houstob by overviews of the EPRI, EPA, and Canadian programs, and the utility perspective for dry control technologies. You will be hearing about this work later on from Energy and Environmental Research Corporation, so I will not go into further detai1s.

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Louis MO St. The problems are many and there is enough room here for all of us, but let's continue to share needs, mrning, research status, discussion of technical issues and, most importantly, technology transfer. Seeker, and G. Warfe and G. Whatever is the morninng explanation, it should be noted that the success in this particular effort on a wall-fired boiler was very limited. Inhojse research has identified high surface area sorbents as a key factor in obtaining high sulfur capture.

For instance, use in conjunction with coal cleaning or coal blending may provide flexibility in achieving SO? For this test series, pre-pulverized sorbents were used. Let me conclude simply by saying that there are a nurrber of interesting technologies on the table here, all of which I think have a real potential to make a difference in the way the industry we serve does business.

The N0X performance of the boiler was reduced from a baseline of abound ppm at 6 percent excess oxygen to around 25C ppm at 6 percent excess oxygen. This is essential; as George Green has said, "there just isn't enough money to go around. Use With ESPs.

Refer to the resident roster to obtain this information. Kramlich, G. Muzlo, M. Dry sorbent injection control techniques simplify the sulfur dioxide removal process by eliminating the wet slurry, liquid waste treatment system, and extensive additional hardware, thus resulting in lower comparative capital costs.

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Wall-fired boilers, one of the two major types of boilers, are sold by three manufacturers: Babcock and Wilcox, Foster Wheeler, and Riley Stoker. It continued as such into the late s, when it flipped for the first time to top Based on the of this testing tne system was installed and tested on a 60 MW electrical boiler in the RWE system. We had established a goal of 50 to 60 percent reductions of SO2 and N0X for retrofit systems. T h i s work is performed in experimental systems which simulate conditions in a boiler without Qeing subject to hardware constraints.

Therefore, mixing is critical. John's M. Station Operating Income has its limitations wbw an analytical tool, and investors should not consider it in isolation or as a substitute for analysis of our as reported under GAAP. I believe that this symposium is a manifestation of EPRI's and EPA's t commitment to respond to the acid rain issue with sensible, technically sound, and cost-effec- tive research strategies.

To evaluate N0X and SO2 suppression in bubbling and circulating fluidized- bed with Canadian coals and sorbents. It is a pleasure for us to participate in this conference with EPA and to continue the tradition of giving t attention to important technologies for air quality control. As a result of these tests, a of hypotheses were formulated as to the critical parameters in the reaction of limestone with sulfur in distributed mixing burners.

Another factor now contributing to the resurgence of interest in in-furnace dry sorbent injection is the growing incentive for developing low-cost incremental SO? Figure 1 is a schematic of a coal-fired power plant snowing, for both types of sorbents, their injection, SO2 capture, and solid waste removal sites. Statnick, and T. Johnson Co.

DJ Mark D. We are developing a cooperative research agenda.

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By the end ofScott Sparks had been hired from Y in Dallas to prop up the night show with a Dance-heavy sound. The burner was a dual-throat distributed mixing burner that had been used for developing Houston Texas morning wbbw de criteria for second generation staged low-NOx burners. Southern's research favored an intermediate step of using a to MW boiler in the research and development before the demonstration.

The fishermen travel to different fishing spots along the lakefront Lonely lady seeking nsa Tigard then bring their catch to Tfxas local community fishmonger, says Alfred Banda, an Up late anyone want to text worker with Youth Net Counseling in Malawi's Zomba district. Murakami, M. For the sodium-based additives the removal ranged from 40 percent at a sodium-to-sulfur stoichiometry of 2 ,orning to 70 percent for a sodium-tc-sulfur stoichionetry of 4.

The project, which is being carried out with the active participation of the Department of National Defence and the analytical support of Environment Canada, involves the retrofitting of an existing 20 MW hot water generator at CFB Gagetown with two "staged-mi xi ng" burners. Then, I plan to bring you up to date on the history of the work going on to help solve the problem.

Dead burning is the phenomenon of heating the limestone to a temperature above which the fresh calcine, lime CaOrecrystal1izes, causing the reactivity of this lime as influenced by the surface area to decrease drama- tically.

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