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When it comes to next-door neighbours, they can either be the sort of people who lend you a cup of sugar, or those that make your life much more difficult.

One woman claims to have been dealing with the latter, with her neighbour and their dogs making her life miserable.

The unnamed woman has shared how her next-door neighbour has five dogs and they are always out in the garden barking and the barking gets worse when she goes into her own garden.

Writing on Mumsnet, she explained that she’d spoken to the couple several times about the “massive impact” the barking was having on them and then even wrote a letter spelling out the issue clearly.

The constant barking has left the woman’s mental health “shot”, with her having panic attacks and having to try antidepressants.

“I haven’t eaten properly in about a week, I have a panic attack whenever I hear them barking. I’m actually moving into an Airbnb tomorrow because I can’t be in our house anymore,” she wrote.

“Tried two different antidepressants, and they don’t help. I’m not even sure it’s a good idea to take them when there’s a specific and obvious cause of the depression/anxiety.

“At the moment, the solution we’re looking at is for me to literally move out and just come home to cook meals and spend a couple of hours with DS each evening. Which is just ridiculous. Help?”

She added that because of all this, she could no longer “bear to be in the house”.

Dozens of people have responded to the post, sharing thoughts and advice for the woman.

One person said: “If the dogs’ behaviour is continuing, speak to your local dog warden, or your local councillor. Our dog warden jumps on that pretty quickly so you may get support. If the issue has stopped and it is purely your anxiety which makes you want to move, consider CBT or counselling to help you get past this.

“Moving out seems drastic and not really addressing the problem – it could go on indefinitely. Hope you feel better.”

Another replied: “Unfortunately, I would say (from experience) your only option is to move. Also from experience, I would say council involvement will be a useless waste of your time and mental energy. We moved and it was definitely the right thing to do for us.”

A third posted: “This must be awful for you. I have noise sensitivity so completely relate.”